We offer a Spring Term, Summer Camp, and Fall Term

Our fall and spring classes are intended to enhance the preschool experience by providing the physical outdoor learning that isn't offered inside a classroom. CUSTOM CLASSES AVAILABLE BY REQUEST

ChickadeeS 2 - 3.5 YR OLDS

The Chickadees spend their half day on sensory exploration and pro social practice. As we investigate the various plants and animals around us we play with seeds, leaves, and sticks, building fine motor skills to prepare our hands for writing, as well as extensive tactile vocabulary. We explore nature's obstacle course to challenge our bodies building gross motor skills, climbing trees, balancing on stones, and wading into creeks. We engage in imaginary and often musical play, cooking leaf soup and making up songs about slugs and woodpeckers. We learn to move together as a group, helping each other move large objects and achieving goals as a team. Each day includes a snack time with a story, or two, a stillness exercise and plenty of sensory skill building. These young fledglings learn basic trail skills, as well as basic identification skills, while engaging in pro-social interactions with each other and forming a team bond.

  • Meets from 8:30-11:30 AM 
  • All students carry their own trail pack with water and snack
  • Class begins with a physical warm up and ends with mindful minute 

Sparrows 3.5 - 5 Yr Olds

Our 3-5 Year old group spends most of their time learning to broaden their awareness of the world around them through observation and experimentation. We learn the art of sharing both what we know and the exciting things we find. We nurture the skill of observation and help hone student's abilities to share and integrate new information. In this age group the focus is on fostering the skill of verbalizing sensory experiences and observations, and the ability to revise those observations as new information is introduced through perspective taking. When a child can trust their senses, and share with others the details of what they are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching or tasting, they are on the road to being great observers, a key skill highlighted in Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Meets from 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Class beings with a sound and body warm up and ends with a sensory mindfulness exercise.


Meadowlarks 4-6 YR OLDS

after school

Our 4-6 year old group spends the majority of their time exploring their own curiosities about the natural world, while rigorously challenging their bodies after a day spent sitting in school. We incorporate physical challenges, scientific debate, and sensory activities. We get our blood pumping with balance and coordination challenges as we hike, all while pondering ecology, engineering, physics, and biology together. We encourage students to find the boundaries of their comfort zones and support each other to move beyond them.

  • Meet from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Classes vary each day with a basic structure of warm-up, group exploration, and debrief. 

How to Prepare and what to bring

  • Each day children should come dressed for the weather as class occurs rain or shine.
  • Each day children should bring an appropriately sized day pack containing a snack fitting to their appetite, water bottle, jacket if needed, and hand sanitizer if desired. *TIP try to make their pack as light as possible avoiding heavy food containers, thick jackets, and heavy bottles.
  • In sunny months children should come wearing plenty of sunscreen and a hat, we prefer sunglasses be left at home unless required for a health reason.
  • In the wet months rain coats, rain pants, and rubber boots are all required. Please leave umbrellas at home, they make it difficult to splash in puddles and explore tree trunks.
  • In the summer months closed shoes are required and thin pants are preferable to shorts in order to prevent exposure to any poison oak.
  • In rare cases of weather too inclement to allow for class parents will be notified and a make up day will be scheduled. Usually this will only occur in heavy consistent downpour. Rain gear tips and tricks are available to parents to help keep students prepared and comfortable in the wet months.