"With 5 senses we explore the world around us and call the adventure SCIENCE" -Edwin Hubble

Sorry for the long delay in a new post! You can see more pictures on Facebook, so if you don't see new photos here make sure to check there. We have been SO busy exploring with all these wonderful minds it is exciting to share with you the experience!

Spores, seeds, coyotes and leaves!

What a WONDER packed two weeks! We have seen so many new animals just in the past few days from a white lizard, to a family of Dark-eyed Juncos, a juvenile skink, and a speckled green fruit worm caterpillar. We have tackled fears by discovering our owl sound came from a dove, smelled strange smells like coyote fur, and discovered new hiding places to find bugs. We painted with charcoal from a burnt tree, built nests, and made helicopters and flowers out of bay leaves and sticks! Our bodies and brains have been busy making new connections, building skills, and making friends

I can camouflage, can you?

The past few days of class we have seen a single turkey cross our path in both locations! We have had memorable encounters with a Pileated Woodpecker, some CA Dancer Dragonflies, ladybugs, and some possible Coast Range Fence or Sagebrush Lizards one of whom came to sit in a tree stump with us while we sang a song. These sightings gave way to some wonderful conversations about camouflage and communication as we tried our best to initiate dialogue with our feathered friends by doing our best imitations.

Summer Has Begun!

We are off and running for our first summer session! Our first day we got comfortable with magnifying glasses, found 6 different type of grass seeds, and even learned some tricks to identify poison oak. We talked about what a home is and who lives in natural areas like spiders, bees, and birds. We read The Best Nest and The Greedy Python and discussed how our feelings can impact how we feel toward our home and those around us. We certainly tired ourselves out exploring, good thing we had the weekend to rest before our first day at Natalie Coffin Green Park!

Summer is COMING!

I am so excited to launch our very first term this coming June! Parents and loved ones can check in here each week for updates on, and photos of, our adventures. We want to make sure parents feel connected with what their children are engaging in while at Half Acre Woods. We also can't keep all the cuteness to ourselves, that just wouldn't be fair!

Summer Term Starts Thursday June 2nd. See you in the woods!